Monday, January 19, 2009

Reviewing History on Martlin Luther King Jr. Day

The one reason I created this blog was to explore the depths of idiocy and laziness in America. On this, 1/19/2009, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my thoughts of remembrance focus on the lies that every American school teacher teaches their students regarding slavery and Black rights.

In schools throughout America, we are taught "Lincoln freed the slaves and was a great President." Rubbish I say! Lincoln ultimately did more to hurt race relations in American than any one else in American history.

First, the Emancipation Proclamation was a weapon used against Confederate states. It ultimately freed very few slaves; only those that were part of border states that switch sides in the confrontation. While casting this "spell" on Southern Confederates, slavery continued in the North unabated until after the war was over. That is, the part of slavery where one person "owns" another person. After that, poor freed Blacks were essentially relegated to indentured servitude as a means to survive.

Moreover, Lincoln's harsh punishment on the South left a bitter taste in the mouth of many white Democrats. This only fostered great resentment against the Federal government and camaraderie among many men in the South, which turned into mob mentality that was used to secure all political positions in the South again by 1877. After years of harsh reparations, white Democrats used their new found power to enact the Jim Crow laws; which essentially led to racial segregation that continued until the 1960's.

Ignoring his "W."-like approach to abusing the war powers act, was Lincoln the great man they make us believe as children? For what purpose do we teach our children these lies? I cannot explain how the vocation of academics and education can be so comfortable spreading innuendo as truth. Lincoln's hard line politics and lack of compassion for the cessationists led to massive casualties, deaths and significant debt for the United States. Essentially, his ego, not his "big heart" tore this country in two and for this we build him a monument?

People, wake up and smell the roses. The only defense is knowledge. Learn, read, know the truth. It's not hidden from you, but it's also not handed to you on a silver platter. The only thing handed to you on a silver platter that is paid for with government dollars is propaganda. This is not a conspiracy; that would take too much work. This is simply powerful, cunning individuals working together to leverage the laziness around them. In short, this is Rome in the time just before it was overrun by the Germanic hoard.

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