Sunday, January 18, 2009

Realist or Doomsayer?

We live in curious times. As an American, I watch with the curiosity of a ten year old the actions of my neighbors. Do they not understand what is happening around them? Is it their religious faith that carries them through or just sheer stupidity? Some would say that last question was redundant.

Sometimes it makes me question my own beliefs. It is true that in the past America has entered into downward corrections followed by periods of great growth many times over its short history. This pattern leads many to believe that all downward corrections will eventually be followed by a positive correction; a flawed belief.

I believe that this current correction is different. I believe that this downward correction has profoundly changed the underlying mechanics of the American economy. I do hate to be wrong, but in this case, nothing would please me more than to be incorrect. With this correction, unlike the others before it, we came to a crossroads and we took the path most traveled, when we need to take the path less taken. History tells us that the symptoms of corrupt government and out of control greed indicate that the Republic is near collapse and yet we ignored the signs.

The biggest indicator to me that we do not have the intelligence to save ourselves was this past election. I believe after 8 years of George W. Bush, even those with a High School Diploma, but a 6th grade understanding knew that if we didn't change we were heading for disaster. But, it wasn't enough to take the "big step", so change became the theme of the election as our "real" choices for President were narrowed to an aging politician with no clue how to maneuver us through the problems of the day and a youthful politician with no clue how to maneuver us through the problems of the day.

Yet, what better way for the powers that be to distract the masses from this truth. What better way to dissuade the masses from taking the path less traveled and throw those that have continually failed us out of power and replace them with an entire group of new individuals, from multiple parties, so it would be implausible for them to act in a collusive manner. What better way to distract the masses from their short-lived anger over a failed and unnecessary war and failing economy, then the promise of breaking through racial barriers and putting our first "African-American" man in the White House.

But, let us not forget that 45.7% voted in favor of continuing the incumbent party with its proposed Vice-President that was capable of campaigning at a 9th grade student body election level. But, perhaps her pretty face was simply another example of the distraction at work.

So, here we stand. 52% (perhaps more now) of the Nation feeling hopeful for having broken a significant racial barrier, but handing over almost complete control to a single party. And the masses go back to their daily rituals, that is, those that haven't lost their jobs or homes, believing that on January 20th a new day will dawn.

And here I sit, continually seeking signs of intelligent life on earth. I have found plenty, but so few that we cannot make a difference against the masses of ignoramuses that don't understand that the only way out of this mess is through tremendous sacrifice and thrift, not more handouts, and certainly not undermining the basis for our whole economy, the free market system.

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